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A New Hope (マイオリタキボウ, Maiorita Kibō is the third episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


The group continues, but Ayumu eventually stops, angry that her mother doeesn't appear upset about her father's death. Ayumu is sure that they are blaming her for Koichiro's death. As they argue, a truck heads their way and they get on it.

The driver comments on the explosion earlier, explaining that the earthquake had unburied some old explosives and they are like mines now. Nanami ask him to drink less, but he explains there are no cops around anymore, so it's fine. They stop for a gas refill, but as the machine won't take the money, they are not able to get any gas. Nanami goes to wash her hands and the driver follows her, wanting to have some fun with her. As she refuses and explains she can defend herself, he takes his belt and prepares to fight her, but she kicks him in the face. He takes out a stun gun, but Mari uses a broom and knocks it out of his hand. The driver attacks Mari and knocks her down, and starts fighting with Nanami. As he gets on her, Ayumu blinds him with a flashlight and Mari uses the stun gun on him. Nanami takes his glasses and gives them to Haruo, since his are broken. They take his truck and continue, but reach a landslide blocking the road and have to continue on foot again.

Continuing in the mountain, Ayumu eventually needs to go to the bathroom and Nanami calls for a break and goes with her. Going around the bushes, Ayumu sees dead birds and then hears Nanami collapsing. Before she reaches her, a voice tells her to not go and they see man in the sky with a paramotor. He tells them that there is poisonous gas and they need to stay away. As he lands next to them, Ayumu wants to go to Nanami, but he tells her she is already dead. Ayumu blames herself for Nanami's death, while the man comments that due to the shifting plates, they don't know what could happen next and Mt. Fuji could erupt. The man tries to leave, explaining he could take one with him, but Ayumu refuses to leave. Go recognizes him as Kite, a famous YouTuber. Mari asks Kite if he could take Go somewhere safe. Kite decides to leave his paramotor and takes the group somewhere safe.

They reach a supermarket that still has electricity. Inside, they decide to look for a change of clothes. Seeing Haruo changing shoes, Ayumu comments that she wants to see him running again. A remote controlled car then comes to them and tells them not steal from his shop and, if they move, he will kill them. The man shoots some warning arrows, and Kite realizes its a single man on the catwalk. They attempt to hide, but the man manages to hit Go in the bag on his chest.