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An Oracle (コノセカイノオワリ, Kono Sekai no Owari) is the sixth episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


While eating, Go comments he haven't see Kunio or his dog robot. Meanwhile, Kunio is held in a cell. As he is getting violent, a doctor tells Kanae its likely due to morphine withdrawal, and that he drove recklessly due to hallucinations. As two people had died, she wonders why Kanae keeps him alive, but Kanae explains she wants to keep things peaceful until Lord Daichi's birthday.

Ayumu is helping the patient again and realizes he is trying to say something using Morse code. She uses an app to translate what he is trying to say and he warns her that a big earthquake is coming and its dangerous there. She wonders who he is and realizes its a famous geologist Mr. Onodera. Ayumu tries to warn people, but no one believes her, expect her mother. Meanwhile, Go looks for a meat cleaver in the storage and overhears Kunio. He tells Kite about it and Kite comments that he must have done something to be held prisoner.

That evening Ayumi and Mari try to warn everyone at the festival, but no one believes them, even more after saying its coming from Onodera. They see fire in the fields and start to panic. Kite manages to sneak and reaches Kunio, as he gives him morphine, an earthquake occurs causing the statue to collapse. Saburo using his body protects Go from a large rock and then tells Go to go as its too late for him. Kanae tells everyone that they are evacuating and orders to open the gate. She sees some of her men trying to get to the vault and take the money, but they all end up in a shootout and kill each other. Osamu gives Kite the keys for Kunio's cell and how to escape. Osamu finds Kanae injured from the shootout and they head for Daichi. Reaching him, Daichi speaks and thanks her mother, shocking them that he spoke, but in that moment a rock falls and kills him. Kunio and Kite also reach Daichi, and Kunio comments he knew this wasn't his grandchild and asks Kanae if she can hear his grandchild's voice. As she tells him no and they leave, Kanae comments that's what his grandchild told her to say and to quit smoking.

Daniel helps the Mutoh get Onodera on the truck, but decides to stay behind as there is someone he wants to hear from. Kunio forces Kite to leave him, in order to save himself. Kite finds the Mutoh and gets on the truck, some armed men attack them, but Kunio shoots them down with the bow, letting the Mutoh escape. Other members of the community join Kanae and Osamu, wishing to stay with them. Moments later the whole building collapses over them.