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Daniel (ダニエル, Danieru) is a 35-year old street performer, who lost his country and family during the civil war in Yugoslavia. He traveled the world and ended up in Japan. After the earthquake, he met Mutoh family after hitchhiking.

that’s him, that’s my (second) favorite white boy! ==Appearance== SHARTS Daniel is an almost middle-aged man and has greenish hair in a style that looks like an afro with blue eyes, thick eyebrows, a very subtle beard, a pink jumpsuit with a teddy bear around his waist, and black shoes.


Seeing a truck, Daniel calls them to stop and Mari decides to take him with them. He knows about Shen City and goes with them to it. There he explains them that Shen City is a community that believes in Mother's ability to speak with the dead and hi that their symbols is Daichi, Kanae's son.

He becomes closer to Mari and often cheers her up. After the big earthquake hitting Shen City, he helps them get Onodera on a truck, but he decides to stay behind, as this is the place he belongs and there is someone he wants to hear from.