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Farewell, Tokyo (トウキョーサヨウナラ, Tōkyō Sayōnara) is the second episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


A man arrives on the hill and informs the survivors that the evacuation camp was hit by a firestorm and destroyed. Another man hands food and water supplies to the survivors and they spend the night on the hill. In the morning they are awaken by explosions in a factory in Kawasaki. A survivor tells the rest that the water had reached the base of the hill and they may end up stranded on the hill. Wondering if the levees were busted, they start looking for news on the internet and find out that Okinawa is completely destroyed.

The survivors decide to move due to the rising water and Ayumu sees that Haruo still haven't prepared to leave and wonders if its because he waits for his mother and tells him they will go look for her, but Haruo only comments that she is dead and gets up to move.

As they go, soon they encounter the boy that was saved by Mari and his father decides they join their group. They reach a cross road and a man explains that the epicenter was in Okinawa, thus the west is dangerous, but Koichiro comments there were news of Ibaraki sinking. The man explains that in east there is a distribution center for his convenience store and there is food supplies there and also he doesn't trust that report. Go borrows Ayumu's phone and contacts his gaming friends, who tell him that eastern Japan was hit harder and there are no lights during the night satellite picture. Koichiro decides the Mutoh go west and Nanami joins them, while the rest of the group decide to go east.

Traveling west, Ayumu sees an old couple and decides to share their last water with them, but they end up taking the whole bottle. They reach a store, but it was already looted and there was no water in the sink. A small earthquake shakes them for a bit and they decide to use the hills as the roads could collapse. They end up finding a river and take a break while resupply with water.

Following the river, they reach a residential area, but are unable to see anyone alive. A wild boar appears and attacks them and Koichiro protects Ayumu and ends up riding it. He manages to kill it and they cook it for dinner that night, but Ayumu feels sick and refuses to eat it. They continue on the next day and reach a private garden that has a signs asking people to not dig for yams. Koichiro realizes that means there are yams there and they take a break while he tries to dig out some. Nanami tells Ayumu they should go and look for other food. As they go, Ayumu sees more warning signs warning them about old buried explosives. In that moment, Koichiro hits something metallic with his shovel, causing an explosion that kills him.