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Illusion (カナシキゲンソウ, Kanashiki Gensō) is the fifth episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


In the morning, Daniel joins the group and explains this is a community that accepts anyone and people are attracted because of Mother's ability. They see Mother coming out and a man announces that the meeting with the deceased will begin. Daniel explains that Mother is a medium and has the ability to speak with the dead. The store owner, Kunio tells Go to follow Mother and explains he wants to see the ceremony.

Tthe rest also go see the ceremony and Daniel explains that Lord Daichi, the symbol of Shan City, is turning ten and he serves as intermediary for Mother's ability. The Mother uses her ability and invites the spirits of two deceased and allows them to talk with their relatives. After the seance, Kite takes Haruo's glasses and approach Mother, calling her fake and wanting to touch the glasses and connect to the deceased person. Osamu tells him to back off and that Mother only perform three times a day. Mother still touches the glasses and says they belong to a woman who said she wanted to take the break and to not worry about it. Hearing that Ayumu comments thats Nanami and starts crying.

The group later eats and Saburo informs them that there is school and work for anyone who wants to. Mari decides to send Go and Ayumu to school, while she and Haruo decide to work. They are send to the marijuana fields to plug out weeds. Ayumu is send to help a sick man, who tries to tell her something and a small earthquake occurs. She wonders if he tried to warn her about it, but doesn't believe that would be possible.

Ayumu shares she wants to hear her father's voice, but Mari tells her its better if she doesn't hear it. Ayumu blames her saying its because she wants to be with Daniel and then leaves. She goes to a party which Go, Kite and Haruo had already went. Kite gets high on weed and replaces the DJ, playing Haruo's records, which annoys him, but Kite manages to convince Haruo to be the DJ and lets him play his own records. A man takes Ayumu outside and tries to get her hands on her, but she knocks him off. Kite shows up and sees it, causing him to laugh and talk nonsense.

Early in the morning, Kite has no memory of what he was doing last night. Ayumu asks him why he haven't left Japan like the other rich people, but Kite comments because it seemed interesting. Ayumu then returns to her tend, where she sees her mother waiting, and helps her get a haircut. Mari explains that there isn't time to mourn her father and she knows she would say to just continue with their lives, causing both to cry remembering him.

Kunio kills some men with his bow and then goes and takes Lord Daichi. He wants to take him home, but as he drives out, he collapses and crashes the car at the gate of Shan City. Meanwhile, Kanae welcomes Osamu into her chamber, they proceed to have a passionate intercourse afterwards