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Kanae Murota (室田 叶恵, Murota Kanae) is a 55-year wife of a deceased group leader. Using her charisma, she became a leader and created a spiritual community called Shan City and is known as "Mother", who using her medium abilities speak with the deceased.


Kanae is a woman in her 50s, with wrinkles decorated on her face. Nevertheless, she still remains youthful and active. Under her usual attire is a lithe and attractive body, gained through her daily exercise. She also has a large tattoo on her back


As the medium of her community, she deeply cares for the sake of her people, wanting to create a world of peace for everyone. She is also a caring mother to Daichi, who she protects and fosters with love and care

Kanae appears as a calm and gracious person to her people. However, hiding under a demure exterior is a passionate, lively yet seductive woman. As a way of refreshing and keep herself in shape, Kanae exercises after her bath. Besides, to retain her youthfulness , she has sex with Osamu, and demonstrates great skill in love-making


After taking a bath and exercising, she is informed its time to speak the dead. She chooses few individuals and comments with the deceased of their choice, telling them what the deceased says. Kite didn't believe her and asks her to touch Haruo's glasses and tell to who belonged and as she touch them, she tells them they belonged to a woman who says that it was her choice to take a break and to not blame themselves, making Ayumu realize this is indeed Nanami.

When Kunio causes trouble and kills two people, she decides to deal with him later after the birthday of her son. An earthquake then occurs and she informs her people to leave the place and tells Osamu to open the gates. She finds some of her men to try to steal the money from the vault and they all end in a shootout killing themselves and injuring Kanae. Osamu finds her and they head out for Daichi. In his room, Daichi speaks, thanking his mother for everything, which shocks both Kanae and Osamu that he is able to speak, but then a rock falls and kills him.

Kunio arrives and asks her if she can speak with his granddaughter, but Kanae tells him she can't, but as he leaves, she comments thats what her granddaughter told her and to quit smoking. Osamu and Kanae decide to stay and die. Some community members also join them as they are thankful for she saving them and giving them a chance. As the building collapses with everyone in it, Kanae recalls how she decides to create an utopia where everyone is useful and no life is useless, all for her child Daichi.


  • The name Kanae means "leaf" (叶) (kana) and "favor, benefit" (恵) (e).
  • Kanae's surname Murota means "room, greenhouse, cellar" (室) (muro) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).