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KITE (カイト, Kaito) is an 18-year-old young man and famous YouTuber with 7 million subscribers. He adventures in unexplored and dangerous areas around the world, and uploads aerial footage from his paramotors. Kite is implied to be assigned female at birth (AFAB); Refer to section, "Appearance."


Kite is a 18-year-old young man with pale skin, short white hair with an undercut and green eyes.

He wears a long sleeved black shirt with a turtleneck and black shorts. He also wears black earrings.

When he was a child, he had long hair and is implied to be AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth), due to being shown wearing a skirt which he removes to reveal a pair of shorts underneath.


Kite sees that Ayumu heads towards Nanami and warns her not to. He lands to the group and explains that there is poisonous gas and the woman is already dead. He comments that due to the shifting plates, they don't know what could happen next and if Mt. Fuji erupts, it will be the end. Before he leaves, he proposes to take someone to safety, and Go recognizes he is Kite. Hearing Go's growling stomach, he gives him a chocolate. Mari asks Kite if he can take Go to somewhere safe and Kite decides to leave his paramotor and joins them on foot and to leads them to safety. They reach a supermarket, where looking around, a man with a bow attacks them.

After they leave due to earthquakes and reach the city, Kite recognizes the old man as an addict. He offers him morphine tablets, and asks the reason why the old man brought then to the city. He helps the man trying to save the child he claims to be his grandson, which turn out false.