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Kunio Hikita (疋田 国夫, Hikita Kunio) is a 78-year old supermarket owner in the suburbs, who lives in the house behind the supermarket. He is stubborn and reticent, but a master of bows who won the national championship at Kyodo when he was a student.



Arriving at his store, Kunio shoots arrows at Mutoh family warning them to not take anything. He ends up hitting Go, but luckily his game console stopped the arrow and Kunio came and apologized, allowing the survivors to stay in the store until the storm is over. He fixed the game console, explaining he can fix anything man-made.

The next day an earthquake occurs and the survivors run with his truck. In the back mirror he sees how the land and the supermarket collapses and recalls the 40 years he spend with his wife. They head to Shen City, a private community which accepts them.

Kite realizes that Kunio suffers from morphine withdrawal and brings him some morphine, and Kunio explains there is a reason he came here. On the next day, they see Mother calling people for her talk with the deceased and Kunio wishes to observe it.

Spending some days, Kunio eventually attacks some guards and takes Daichi with him, planning on saving him and taking him home, but having hallucinations he crashes the truck. He is imprisoned by Kanae and he becomes more aggressive in his cell as he suffers from the morphine withdrawal. Go manages to hear Kunio and informs Kite, who sneaks up to Kunio's cell and gives him some morphine. As big earthquake occurs, Osamu gives them the key to the cell and tells them how to escape. Kunio refuses to leave and wants to save Daichi, but as they reach his room, they see Daichi had died and Kunio explains he knows this wasn't his grandchild, as his grandchild went missing after a landslide and he wanted to believe that she was here. He asks Kanae if she can hear his grandchild's Mana voice, but Kanae says no. As they leave, Kanae comments that Mana told her to say that and to quit smoking. While running, Kunio forces Kite to leave him and save himself. He then helps the Mutoh escape with a car as he shoots down the men who try to stop them and stays in the collapsing building.