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Mari Mutoh (武藤 マリ, Mutō Mari) is the 42-year old Filipina from Cebu City in the Philippines, the wife of Koichiro Mutoh and the mother of Ayumu Mutoh and Go Mutoh who was a swimmer when she was young before she retired and she started working at a resort hotel where she travels around the world.


Mari is an adult, brown-skinned woman with short brown hair. She's from Cebu in the Philippines. She wears small earrings and a small necklace. Usually, she has a white shirt, white pants and a light brown bag at her waist.


Returning to Japan, Tokyo, Mari takes pictures from the plane and enjoys the view. An earthquake occurs, causing underwater eruptions and damages the plane, forcing it to emergency land in the river. While evacuating, they see a tsunami incoming and she jumps in the water, but sees a kid drowning and comes to his rescue. She asks a woman if she can borrow her phone and call her family, but the woman refuses. She sees colorful lights on a hill and realizes that's is her husband's doing and heads there, where she finds her family. She is glad that everyone is okay and wants they take a picture together.


  • Mari's surname Mutoh means "military, martial" (武) (mu) and "wisteria" (藤) (toh).