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Resurrection (ハジマリノアサ, Hajimari no Asa) is the tenth episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


Losing Haruo, the group continues. They reach a building and Kite connects the drive to his phone, realizing that Onodera and the science had researched not only how Japan will sink, but how it will rise after that. They create a raft and head towards one of the directions that a land may rise. Reaching it, Kite explains while there is no land right now, it can rise today, tomorrow or in ten years. Kite then sees a balloon and manages to fix it and raise it again. He tells Go and Ayumu that only one person can ride it and tells them goodbye. As he goes up in the cold wind, he keeps saying that he never lost and his luck will hold. Ayumu and Go find his phone and as Kite reaches a certain height, the phone reconnects to internet and Go realizes the balloon was originally used for internet connection. When Kite gets far away, they lose the connection.

Later a helicopter arrives finding Ayumu and Go by their GPS thanks to Kite. The group is saved and while riding the helicopter, they see Mt. Fuji volcano active. Ayumu then collapses as her leg wound have infected. Ayumu later wakes in Russian hospital with Go by her side, who then calls the doctors. A doctor explains that her leg is infected and if they don't amputate it, she will die. Having no choice, she agrees.

Sometime later, Ayumu receives a notification that Kite had uploaded a new video. A video recorded after Shen City and set to be uploaded automatically on Ayumu's birthday. In it Kite, Mari, Go and Haruo congratulate Ayumu on her 15th birthday, bringing old memories and causing Ayumu to cry.

Go manages to recover all of Mari's online accounts and they sit and watch all the images and videos she had saved since their childhood.

Eight years later, most of Japan is still underwater, but two after the sinking an island emerged and since then lots of Japanese have been returning and rebuilding Japan. A website was opened, where people can visit and see old images and video of Japan. Tadokoro and Onodera's data shows that Japan will fully emerge in 100 years and that which parts will first rise within 2, 5, 10 or 50 years. Ayumu writes a novel about the events during and after the earthquake, that becomes highly popular receiving more than 52 reprints during the five years it was published. Go had learned to swim and participate in the Olympics eSports, where his team become the champions. Ayumu also participates in the Paralympics. Onodera had created an AI acting like Kite and keeping his streams, while a man looking like Kite is seen in the audience while Ayumu participate in the Paralympics.