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Saburo Otani (大谷 三郎, Ōtani Saburō) is a 29-year former sumo wrestler who was kicked out for match-fixing. He went to Shen City, where he was accepted and given a second chance and became cook.



Arriving at Shen City, Mutoh family lines to for food and hearing that Go doesn't like vegetables, Saburo gives him a big bowl with vegetables, telling its a good moment to try them and start liking them.

Later he inform the group there is school and work if they are interested and the survivors decide to blend in. He becomes closer with Go, who often jokes about his size and weight.

When the big earthquake hits Shen City, Go finds Saburo on the ground, who comment that he slipped. As part of the statue breaks and pieces fall, Saburo protects Go with his body and comments that having a big body can be useful. Crushed under a rock, he tells Go to leave as there is no other place for a former sumo wrestler like him. Mari takes Go and they leave, leaving Saburo under the rock.

Someone later helps Saburo and bandages his wounds. Saburo and few other members join Kanae Murota and Osamu Asada, explaining that this is where they belong and since Kanae saved their lives, they want their lives to end with her. A moment later, the building collapses over all of them.