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The Dawn (ニッポンノヨアケ, Nippon no Yoake) is the seventh episode in Japan Sinks: 2020.


The survivors head towards one of the evacuation ships. There people are processed by their ID cards and on a lottery they decide who can get on the ship. Onodera tries to tell them something and Kite gives him his phone. He warns them that there is danger around Mt. Fuji and Go notices smoke coming from Mt. Fuji, while Mari is surprised how much the landscape changed in order for them to be able to see Mt. Fuji from their position. Not knowing their IDs and if the are selected or no, they go to check and Ayumu sees her team coach. She explains that the government had selected young people with promising future and is evacuating them ahead of others without the lottery and the whole all-star team along with Ayumu is chosen.

Mari convinces Ayumu to board the ship and as they hug, Ayumu feels something around Mari's waist, but Mari tells her its nothing. Ayumu is then processed and given an yellow rubber band and allowed to board the ship. But before the ship leaves, she realizes that Mari had a battery from a heart surgery and leaves the ship, giving her rubber band to a woman with child. She tells Mari she realized she had a surgery and this is where she belongs, and that Japan won't sink until Mt. Fuji erupts and that Onodera could be wrong. Moments later the ship leaves and Mt. Fuji erupts, creating large smoke above it. Few moments later, the shockwave from Fuji reaches them and causes new earthquake, but Mutoh's manage to get on the truck and escape. Haruo got hit by a metal rod, and they remove it and bandage him. They discuss Onodera's theory that if Fuji erupts, it will form a enormous cavern underneath Japan and due to the weight it will cause Japan to sink in it. Seeing the incoming water from a tsunami, they get on the truck and leave.

While traveling, they see a Mega-Float with people on it, who are against the president and announce they will save all pure Japanese. Onodera tries to tell them to not join them, but having no options, the group decide to. As Go speaks English, they wonder if he is Japanese and realize Mari isn't one. She tries to convince them to take Go and Ayumu, since they are half-japanese, but the men refuse and don't allow them to board their vessel.

Another man offers them they board his ship and its more sturdier and they agree. As they head into the sea, they see small explosion occurring on the Mega-Flop, causing fire and then a larger explosion destroying the whole vessel. Metal pieces from the explosion hits their ship, causing it to start sinking and the boat owner tells them to use the lifeboats. Big waves cause the survivors to separate and Go and Ayumu end up with the boat owner on a lifeboat. When the sea calls and its got dark, he sees a land and they row towards it, but realize that's roof of a building.